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Solar lighting: unleashing the brand

August 2nd, 2019

Solar lighting as a brand is beset by misperceptions. People still overwhelmingly believe the lights break, the batteries don’t last, the whole category is a cheap, Home Depot novelty.

Winning hearts and minds over to solar may be a big challenge. But the reward for breaking down the misperceptions will be huge.

Justin Taverna, co-founder of First Light Technologies, is determined to make First Light that breakthrough brand.

I’ve known Justin and his First Light co-founder Sean Bourquin a number of years now. I helped them streamline their brand message then, and I’m helping them figure out how to reach more customers now.

Justin and I sat down a short while ago to talk about the evolution of the solar lighting brand, the a-ha moments he’s had, and the brand space he believes First Light can stake in consumers’ minds.

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