Didn’t See It Coming with Marc Stoiber

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Ivanka, Facebook, and Brand Betrayal

November 27th, 2018

Today was a busy day in the news. ExxonMobil was in hot water again - this time for creative accounting that conned investors; migrants were turned away from the US border with tear gas; Facebook was called to the carpet in the UK as part of the ongoing data selling fiasco; a judge ruled that the lawsuit against the Trump Foundation could proceed; and the Ivanka Trump email scandal ratcheted up a notch, with two Republican Senators demanding an investigation. 

Soooooooo, what did all this have to do with brands? Each story, for different reasons, reflected a phenomenon called brand betrayal - a condition far more gut felt than your average disappointment when a burger doesn't taste great, or your soda has lost its fizz. 

I went on the air with CFAX's Mark Brennae to talk about the brand betrayal, and how to avoid it. 

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