Didn’t See It Coming with Marc Stoiber

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Why your best ad may be a speech

October 8th, 2016

Technology has enabled us to personally engage with more people than ever before. Simply put, we can now speak to the world. And if our message is worthy, the world will tune in.

But will public speaking supplant advertising as the go-to form of communication for brands? I asked Hugh Culver, an industry veteran who has charted the evolving role of public speaking in business. Culver runs a great speaker training company, coaches corporate teams on productivity, and delivers upwards of 40 speeches a year himself (he also has a thriving social media business, climbs mountains and runs ultramarathons, but that's another story).

Culver had some terrific insights on building a personal brand through public speaking, why great speakers make great corporate brands, and how to hone in on your most effective brand message. Enjoy!

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