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The SpeechDIY Files: Creating a Breakthrough Course

January 4th, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to cross paths with ConveYour co-founder Isaac Tolpin. Isaac and his partner had invented a solution to a very big, frustrating pain point for me - how to create a better online course? A course that people actually cared about, and would finish? (Remember, even Ivy League online courses have a drop out rate of about 90%!)

Isaac and I did a podcast together. I was so taken by the conversation that I dropped my current online course platform, and started building my new SpeechDIY course on ConveYour.

Fast forward to today. I've actually gotten my hands dirty building the SpeechDIY online course. And I definitely have some insights to share with Isaac and my listeners.

That's why I convinced Isaac to come aboard for a series of 'check-in' podcasts where we could talk about what I'd done with my course, and more important what I could do better

Hope you enjoy this first update!

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